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City of Columbia Office of Business Opportunities

Learn about how City of Columbia Commercial Loan Programs can provide you with the funding needed to succeed.


CoCreate Lexington

CoCreate is a welcoming and inspiring coworking location offering community-centric workspace and business essentials to independent workers and entrepreneurs in Lexington.

Columbia Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

City of Columbia Office of Business Opportunities

The City of Columbia's Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program ensures that disadvantaged businesses are able to fully participate in City procurement processes.

Columbia Economic Development

Columbia Economic Development (CED) serves as a catalyst for businesses, developers, investors and partner agencies who are focused on growing the local economy and high-value industries.

Columbia Empowerment Zone

Columbia Empowerment Zone

The Columbia Empowerment Zone encourages small business growth through a portfolio of ready-to-lease properties and qualified vacant properties for development.

Columbia Opportunity Resource (COR)

Columbia Opportunity Resource (COR) helps professionals get plugged in to the community, connecting them to opportunities, experiences and diverse networks.

Community Business Loans

SC Community Loan Fund

The SC Community Loan Fund offers a wide variety of Community Business Loan options to nonprofits, for profits, and municipalities across South Carolina.


Richland Library

Richland Library’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence program provides support, mentoring and education for entrepreneurs and start-ups through office hours and public programs.

Export Incentives Program

South Carolina Department of Commerce

The South Carolina Department of Commerce offers support and incentives for small- and mid-sized businesses to begin exporting their products or to increase volumes.