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South Carolina Department of Commerce

Academic Startup Grants


The objective of the Academic Startup Grant is to provide early-stage funding to academic startups to support one or more critical milestones towards commercialization and advance the company’s pursuit of follow-on funding.

SCRA works directly with academic institutions and affiliated startups – creating opportunities to advance research capabilities and commercialize technology.

Acceleration Grants

The objective of the Acceleration Grant is to provide early-stage funding to startups to accelerate a company’s technology and/or business model to the next level of maturity and market readiness.

APEX Accelerator of South Carolina

APEX Accelerator is a resource for small and large SC businesses to obtain free procurement technical assistance. We provide specialized assistance to clients, helping them to identify federal, state and local government contractual opportunities.

Central Carolina Community Foundation

Central Carolina Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that links charitable people and businesses with areas of need in our community.

Central SC Alliance

As a public and private alliance, Central SC is on a mission to cultivate and nurture the prosperity of Central South Carolina.

City of Columbia Commercial Loan Programs

City of Columbia Office of Business Opportunities

The Office of Business Opportunities (OBO), through the Commercial Revolving Loan Fund (CRLF), has funds available to lend to qualifying small businesses located in the City of Columbia.

City of Columbia Office of Business Opportunities

Learn about how City of Columbia Commercial Loan Programs can provide you with the funding needed to succeed.

Columbia Economic Development

Columbia Economic Development (CED) serves as a catalyst for businesses, developers, investors and partner agencies who are focused on growing the local economy and high-value industries.

Community Business Loans

SC Community Loan Fund

The SC Community Loan Fund offers a wide variety of Community Business Loan options to nonprofits, for profits, and municipalities across South Carolina.