How to Productize: 8 Steps for Turning Your Service Into a Product – SBDC Webinar

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 Online Meeting (Live)
 Managing a Business, Marketing/Sales

Generic services – whether you sell to consumers or businesses — are getting cut. When customers need to conserve cash, the first thing they cut are generic services. But they still buy products that solve a specific problem. Productizing your service makes it more tangible for consumers. It also allows you to hire people to deliver your offering because it’s the same every time. That’s why some of the most successful services companies go out of their way to package their service like a product. Today, in the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic, productizing is more critical than ever. Join this free, one-hour webinar and learn the eight steps to turn any service into a product.

What you will learn:

  • 8 steps to create a productized service.
  • Learn how Guerilla Tacos, Spiffy, Encore and other service-based businesses have productized and pivoted during COVID-19.
  • Create a pricing strategy that encourages customers to buy.
  • Discover your TVR Solutions.


Jonathan Bohn, Business Coach, Soko Ventures

This is a Zoom event.  The link will be emailed when registration closes.  A laptop or desktop are the recommended devices for participating in this event.