GrowCo’s 6th Annual Growth Summit

GrowCo‘s Sixth Annual Growth Summit will take place on November 18th at the Pastides Alumni Center (UofSC) in Columbia, South Carolina.

The Growth Summit is South Carolina’s up and coming boundary-breaking event for entrepreneurship and innovation, featuring a full-day+ of tactical, quality content and high-engagement experiences delivered by world-class speakers right in the heart of South Carolina — downtown Cola, SC.

The Growth Summit is centered on growth at all stages of your business, whether you’re a solopenuer or part of a startup or high-impact, high-growth company, this event designed to reflect the spirit of the entrepreneur, celebrate the unconventional, and elevate your business how-to-IQ.

The Growth Summit will dive into a range of workshops and sessions on —

→ How to 10X yourself and your business

→ Noteworthy state-wide industry and innovation success stories

→ Stories from Columbia’s thriving entrepreneurs and success stories from entrepreneurs from across the State

Tickets are on sale beginning May 14 – get yours here.